ThisPuppy Basics ebook by the WholeDog Journal contains excellent information to help you get off to a good start with your puppy. I subscribe to the WholeDog Journal and find their publication to be complimentary to my breeding and puppy rearing philosophy.

How to House Train Your Puppy

Article by Smart Dog University and YouTube video below​

Zak George's Dog Training Revolution is another great resource. Zak George has a YouTube channel that covers a lot of dog training topics. Here is a link to his channel:

Zak George's Dog Training Revolution​

Click on image above to link directly to Puppy Culture

or select the link below to see an overview video.

​A Look Inside Puppy Culture

Love Is All You Need is a wonderful book about bond-based training.



Pet Insurance

Here is a great article comparing various pet insurance plans on the market:

Pet Insurance Review

Dog Vaccinations website link

Dog Vaccines: What Every Vet and Owner Should Know​ website link

Dog Vaccines: What Every Vet and Owner Should Know (pdf)


Dog Food Advisor is a great internet source for dog food analysis and reviews.

I only feed my dogs foods that are rated at four stars and above. You can also sign up to be notified of product recalls.

Puppy Leaks is the website/blog of a dog trainer who has great ideas about bond based training techniques.

Getting and holding your dog's attention through learning impulse control is the training foundation upon which all other behaviors are built. Here is an article about how to help your dog learn impulse control:

5 Ways to Increase Your Dogs Impulse Control


Did you know that 77% of dog bites come from the family dog or a friend's dog? Here are a couple great videos about how to read dog body language--dog bites are predictable, they don't come out of the blue. Teach your puppy bite inhibition, don't punish the growl, and learn to read what your dog is trying to tell you. Stop the 77

​I love The Family Dog website and training program--the videos below are produced by them. For those with children, please watch the videos with your children before your puppy comes home to you. Children would enjoy the Kids Club videos--The Family Dog has several that are free on their website and many more that are included in their training program. If you decide you want to purchase the program, enter Breeder20 for a 20% off discount. I am really impressed with their training modules and highly recommend that you go through their program with your children, in addition to working with a local trainer.

Below is a link to a groomer in Georgia that specializes in Doodle coats.

She has great advice regarding how to get your puppy ready for visits to a professional groomer.

The Doodle Groomer