May1, 2017--Seri is a stellar mama! The puppies are all growing like weeds--we had to loosen their collars today, everyone has gained 4-5 ounces since birth. It is typical for puppies to nearly double their weight in the first week, and these babies are right on track for that!

For the first few days after birth, we practically have to drag mama away from her babies to get her to go out to potty. She won't leave them to eat or drink, so we offer her food and water while she is nursing puppies. After the first few days, mama begins to leave the puppies for brief periods of time--usually she lies just outside the box on the cool floor--she needs an occasional break from the higher temperature that is so necessary for her babies. Since puppies don't regulate their own body temperature well for several weeks, you'll see them moving in and out of puppy piles as they share their body warmth or want to cool down. We also have a heating pad area they can choose to move to if they need more warmth when mama is away. Puppies are little heat seeking missiles--they have heat sensors on the sides of their noses. When you see them swinging their heads side to side as they "swim" around their area, they are in fact searching for a heat source. This heat seeking instinct guides them to mama to nurse, to each other to puppy pile and to warm areas in their nest.

The twitching, jerking  and popping you see the puppies doing in their sleep is called "activated sleep." It is nature's way of building muscle, since the puppies will begin trying to walk in the next week or so. Their nervous systems are undergoing dramatic changes as they rapidly grow and develop. On days three through sixteen we do Early Neural Stimulation exercises to add very slight neural stress. These exercises are designed to gently stimulate specific functions of the nervous system to benefit puppy for life by increasing puppy's tolerance to stress, resistance to disease, creating a stronger heart rate and heart beat and creating a more responsive adrenal system. We also add one additional step by presenting the puppies with a new scent stimulation daily. This series of brief, specific exercises we perform are in addition to our normal daily handling of the puppies as we weigh them, trim toenails, move them to clean their area, etc. To see more information about ENS, please follow this link for a summary of ENS or this link to read Dr. Carmen Battaglia's full article.

May 17, 2017 Seri's puppies continue to grow and develop. Everyone's eyes and ears are open, puppies are becoming more aware. They are just starting to toddle around and are beginning to explore their nest and interact with each other. Today I noticed the puppies startle for the first time when the back door slammed, so I will begin working on startle/recovery exercises with them--deliberately making loud noises that I repeat until they no longer startle from them. Mama Seri is spending less time in the nest with her puppies, only coming in to feed and clean them. She is still feeling somewhat protective of her puppies, so we will continue to keep the other dogs away from her babies.

May 17, 2017 Rose's puppies have begun to go to their new homes! It's hard to believe their time here with us is drawing to a close. You'll see fewer puppies on the web cam as the days go by--but Red girl is still looking for her home! Green girl and Yellow boy are staying with us in our program, and we are interviewing for guardian homes for them--see our Guardian page for details/requirements if you live near me and are interested in becoming a guardian. The puppies are spending much of the day hanging out with me in my office and going through the doggy door to explore and play outside--sorry, no puppy cams in those areas.

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Puppy Reality TV at Its Cutest!

Puppy Cams

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​proudly present their puppies born April 28, 2017


Purple Girl, Lime Green Boy, Dark Blue Boy, Orange Boy and Yellow Boy

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​​May 1, 2017--Two puppies climbed over the low entrance during the night, so today we added a higher barrier. We have started working on startle/recovery. I dropped a pan outside their area, they startled at the sound, but quickly recovered. By continuing to drop the pan several more times, the puppies recovered faster each time, until they no longer reacted to the sound. We will do this ongoing exercise repeatedly with different sounds and objects. We continue to handle the puppies several times a day, touching their paws, ears, tails and giving body massages. Puppies have been doing well with the potty area which is at the back of their area. We clean the front of the area several times a day, leaving the soiled potty pads in place at the back to scent mark the area for potty.

Yesterday we took the puppies on a car ride. We placed three each in two travel carriers and drove to my daughter's house for a toenail trim and back home again. They slept through all of it, so I guess it was the non-event we expected--road warriors in the making!

​May 5, 2017--Let the poop-times begin! From birth until we start puppies on solid food, mama dog has been stimulating puppies to potty and cleaning everything up--it's nature's way of keeping the nest clean. As puppies nurse less and eat more solid food, mama dog stops cleaning up after them. We quickly realize just how hard mama has been working!

Now the potty clean-up falls to us--the puppies will take weeks to learn to reliably use their potty area. Please don't think poorly of us if you see poop in the puppy area--I have to sleep/shop/shower/take a break sometime! We stay on top of it as best we can--knowing that there will always come that dreaded time when we find EVERYONE and EVERYTHING covered in poop! If you see it first, feel free to send warm, supportive, sympathetic thoughts my way--I'll see it soon enough...and then...bath time!!

May 17, 2017--Cocoa's puppies are nearly weaned--they eat three meals a day of a mix of dry and softened kibble and only nurse briefly a few times a day when Cocoa comes in to lick out their food dishes or steal one of their toys :)

The puppies have had lots of visitors and puppy socialization experiences. Cocoa's guardians visit often as well as various trusted friends and family members. Puppy health protocols are in place--no contact with other puppies day of visit, wear freshly laundered clothing, shoes off at the door and wash hands! Parvo is a real risk as maternal antibodies begin to lesson and puppies haven't had their first immunizations yet.

We are continuing with our Puppy Culture training--puppies are being introduced to new sights, sounds, surfaces and experiences daily. We work one-on-one with each puppy daily practicing with the clicker as the puppies learn to offer behaviors in exchange for a click and a treat. These puppies are wicked smart and fantastically cute! We are having such fun with them--hard to believe they have only have about three weeks left here with us!

proudly present their puppies born April 8, 2017
Pink Girl, Purple Girl, Red Girl,

Lime Green Boy, Blue Boy and Yellow Boy
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proudly present their puppies born March 18, 2017


Navy Blue Boy, Baby Blue Boy, Yellow Boy, Orange Boy

Pink Girl, Purple Girl, Red Girl, Green Girl

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