We believe every dog deserves to live as a beloved family member—we would never want one of our dogs to spend its life in a kennel. A guardian home is a foster home for one of our top quality breeding dogs—we retain ownership and breeding rights until the dog is retired from our program. The breeding female lives with her family full-time, returning to us to have three to four litters. The breeding male only leaves his family when we need him for stud service. After the dog's breeding career is over, it is spayed/neutered at our expense and ownership is transferred to the guardian family.

Everyone wins with this great opportunity! We are able to grow our breeding program, our breeding dogs live wonderful lives as treasured pets, and our guardian families get a top quality Australian Labradoodle! 

Basic Guardian Home requirements:

  • live within 30 miles of Medford, Oregon (Ashland to Grants Pass)
  • have a fully fenced yard
  • provide the dog regular exercise and socialization
  • youngest child in the home over five years old
  • obedience train the dog and obtain the Canine Good Citizen award
  • feed a top quality diet approved by the breeder
  • have a very flexible schedule that doesn't leave the dog alone for extended periods of time (work at home, dog goes to work with you, etc—no more than occasionally leaving the dog alone for four hours)
  • be willing to bring the dog to us when needed for testing and breeding

If you are interested in becoming a guardian, please contact us to learn more!

Sample Female Guardian Agreement

Sample Male Guardian Agreement

Upcoming Guardian Opportunities Available!

We frequently retain puppies from our litters to add to our program.

We will have guardian opportunities on our upcoming litters.

​Please contact us for more information!

Cherry Lane Evening Star


Introducing Stella!

This lovely girl, born December 4, 2022, is ready to go to her guardian home now!​

Stella has a wonderful soft fleece coat and will be mini size, around 20 pounds as an adult.

Please send an email through our contact page if you want more information about Stella and our Guardian Program.

Stella is smart, happy, active, and loves to play and explore. She has a great combination of confidence and restraint. She is content to snuggle in for a deep rub and just melts in my arms.