Kalli and Merlin

Puppies due any day!
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Once we have a couple puppies safely here, we'll turn the camera on for the rest of the live birth.


proudly present their puppies born November 26, 2017
Hot Pink Girl, Mint Girl, Olive Girl,
Aqua Boy, and Yellow Boy

for full credits, see details on the "Puppies" page


proudly present their puppies born November 19, 2017
Pink Girl, Purple Girl, Red Girl, Green Girl,
Blue Boy, Lime Green Boy, Yellow Boy, and Orange Boy
for full credits, see details on the "Puppies" page



Puppy Reality TV at Its Cutest!

(If the camera is slow showing live coverage when selecting the play button, expand the video to full screen.)

Puppy Cams

Because our Molly and Miri litters are so close together in age, we have combined their litter reservation lists and puppy cam updates.

January 7, 2018--Molly and Miri Litter Updates:

We are having such fun with both these litters. They are all very smart, sociable, calm when handled, and have great eye contact. We are working on clicker training the puppies to sit to ask for attention, and they are catching on very well. During the day we have the litters combined, and they are getting along quite well together. Several times a day, we open their area up into the kitchen and they have such fun racing back and forth and exploring the larger area.

We received the DNA parentage results back from Molly's dual sired litter, and all the puppies are Harry's. Molly's puppies are completely weaned and Molly has gone back to her family--her family was so excited to have her back and Molly was thrilled to leave with them.

Miri is still nursing her puppies a few times a day, but she is getting less interested in them and will probably go home in another week. Miri's litter is a week behind Molly's and the puppies are a little more slow waking up. We're just now beginning to feel like we're getting an idea of who they are--but so far they are also very affectionate and gentle when handled and seek out human contact and interaction.​

We usually do puppy allocations/matching to families when the puppies are eight weeks old, however, because we have combined Molly's and Miri's litter lists, we are going to delay Molly's allocation date a bit and move Miri's up a few days so we can have both litters in the mix at the same time--the official allocation day for both litters will be January 17. We'll do temperament testing on the litters next week and will do structure evaluations closer to 8 weeks old. To see an explanation of the puppy allocation process, please go to the Adoption & Pricing page.