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Piper is due to come into season in April 2020, puppies due about June,

ready to go home about August 2020.

Puppies will be mini to small medium, 20-30 pound range.

Sire is yet to be determined.

Upcoming Litters

Below are the puppies from Tess and Bailey's last litter. For example only--all these puppies are in their homes.

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​Ocean State's Mask of Zorro

"Kalli x Zorro"

We're pleased to announce the arrival of

Kalli and Zorro's puppies!

Six girls and two boys were born February 25, 2020. ​Puppies will be ready to go home April 29-May 2, 2020. 

Puppies will be large mini size in the 25-30 pound range,16-17 inches at the shoulder when mature.
This is a rainbow litter with a range of colors--cream, caramel, chocolate, and black including three parti colored puppies.

All coats will be lovely wavy to soft curly fleece.

This reservation list is OPEN.​


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Tango Wool Waltzing with Bears

"Tess x Bailey"

Tess is due to come into season in February or March 2020, puppies due about April/May, ready to go home June/July 2020.

Puppies will be mini to small medium, 20-30 pound range.

We adored Tess and Bailey's last litter and decided to repeat the pairing for Tess's retirement litter.